Lovebirds Book by Trevor Silvester

Want a better relationship?


lovebirdsfinal fCreating and maintaining a good relationship tends to be one of the biggest challenges in our lives. When two people love each other enough to be together, how can it be so difficult to be happy, feel close, valued, loved and understood? Harley Street Relationship Coach Trevor Silvester has written a book that not only explains why, it shows you how to stop that being the case, and use what might drive you apart to bring you together.

‘One of the biggest mistakes we make,’ he says, ‘is to treat other people as if they are just like us. For over nearly twenty years I’ve been helping couples improve their lives together, and one thing is clear to me: most couples don’t flounder through lack of love, but through a lack of understanding. Often, opposites attract, and then they drive each other mad.’


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