Swift Lovebird


Lovebirds Type: Swift

Swifts never rest. They move from one idea to another very quickly and can often be hard to keep up with. They’re great at ideas, often very creative, and will die of boredom very quickly if they’re bogged done in detail or trivia. They’re not the people to be running the household finances.

They’re strongly guided by their intuition and can get very frustrated when others can’t see as far into the future as they can.

Being a sight bird, the way things look is very important. They might not be as particular as a peacock, but their ‘thrown together’ appearance is never as casual as they can make it look, and so very often amazingly individual. Their partner can sometimes feel a bit of an accessory to their outfit, and their turnout will often be a matter of scrutiny. Swifts will also be quick to moan if you don’t spend enough time for them. And enough tends to be quite a lot.

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