Lovebirds Quiz

Take this test and find out what kind of Lovebird you are.

Part 1: For each question, choose the option which is most like you.

I like most things to be done a certain way
As long as things get done it doesn't matter much

Have your head in the clouds
Be in a "rut"

when people do something the wrong way
when people insist there's a right way

what is actual
what is possible

do it the usual way
do it your own way

The detail
The big picture

Sensible people
Imaginative people

Prefer to systematically work through problems
Prefer to look for patterns and go with your gut instinct

Tend to go into detail
Tend to be brief

Organisation and planning
Strategy and ideas

prepare for any eventuality
deal with what comes up as it comes up


to be unprepared

Part 2: Please rate the following statements according to how like you it is.

I go with my gut feeling:  
I need to talk things through with other people:  
I like to see everything clearly in front of me:  
I habitually talk to myself in my head:  

I hate having to stand around, I like to be comfortable:  
I hate it when the music is so loud it's hard to talk:  
Half the fun is having the chance to dress up:  
I get bored making small talk:  

I really need to have been there before:  
Things seem clearest when someone describes them to me:  
I prefer to look at a map myself:  
I need the route to make sense in my head:  

What feels right:  
Which way sounds the best:  
What looks best to me:  
What makes most sense:  

The chance to relax:  
The opportunity to talk to different people:  
The sights:  
Visiting places interesting to me:  

The way they make me feel:  
A good listener:  
The way someone looks:  
Someone who is interesting:  

A cold personality:  
A horrible voice:  
Someone who is scruffy:  
A bore:  

From hands-on experience:  
By getting the chance to discuss things:  
From watching someone or something:  
By making sense of the subject:  

Sit somewhere really uncomfortable:  
Listen to music I hate:  
Wear something that doesn't suit me:  
Have to do something that doesn't make sense: